Time to Change Modes

My first post here is to share the final post from my previous blog, An Unlikely Master. It’s an easy first post and gives a bit more explanation of my motivation and intent for GrandpaMode. Thanks for giving it a look! There’s more to come very soon. And please, just to start things off on the right foot, leave a comment or question, here in this post, even if just to say hi and offer good wishes. Thank you. Peace!

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Chris Correia

I live in Northern Minnesota, am a Massachusetts native, a 35-year husband, a grandpa, a former taekwondo instructor, a bit of a yoga guy, a student of Ignatian spirituality, a good-natured joker, and I now work with blind teens and adults.

12 thoughts on “Time to Change Modes”

    1. Thank you for connecting and commenting, Dr. Chad. I miss seeing you! I recall ten years ago you commenting during a visit that I was in tremendous shape compared to the vast majority of clients my age whom you saw . . . it’s all about context, right? Now if you saw lots of triathletes . . .

      Maybe why that’s why I like hanging around people who are blind these days: I’m much better looking that way! 🙂


  1. Chris, this is exactly why I started my movement journey at 70. My grandson was born just before I turned 71. I wanted to make sure that I can play with him and not just watch him play. Dada come on, Dada jump, Dada let’s play tag. Man are you in for the ride of your life. His favourite song is about Batman and one line was Who has the best Backflip BATMAN, he then asked me can you do a backflip. Guess what, I have joined a tumbling class.

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    1. Kanti, you are bonkers. I’ll say what my wife says: “Don’t hurt yourself.” You have to be able to stay on the pitch, man!

      I admire your adventurousness, your consistency, your tenacity. But you’re still bonkers.


      1. Enjoying it very much, the classes end today, may enroll later in the year again. Need to take time to consolidate what I have learnt to a point where I can do it without thinking. But that is the way I work. The classes are great, but we just keep moving forward, I need time to really get confident in what I’m doing.


    1. Thanks for checking it out, Conor! (I’ve got this reply thing worked out now; forgetting to hit send . . . lol) Conor, what’s your experience with clients over 60?


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