What do you say when a three-year-old asks, “Why?”

I imagine my 16 month old grandson in about year or so, approaching age three, seeing me skip or pull up or frog hop. He likely will simply relish the play of it all and want to follow along. Or, he will do something silly and different than me and say, “Grandpa, do!” And, there is just as much chance he will look at me and ask that magic three-year-old question: “Why?”

In my blog introduction I implied that my reason for training has to do with my grandson. That’s true. And yet, it’s not totally true. Many a grandpa lives for their grandchildren, physical status aside. They enjoy their company, they are present to and immersed in them when they are together. They share joy and love them unconditionally. I could be inactive and also live for my grandson in that same way.

I strive for something different.

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Time to Change Modes

My first post here is to share the final post from my previous blog, An Unlikely Master. It’s an easy first post and gives a bit more explanation of my motivation and intent for GrandpaMode. Thanks for giving it a look! There’s more to come very soon. And please, just to start things off on the right foot, leave a comment or question, here in this post, even if just to say hi and offer good wishes. Thank you. Peace!